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Melissa Llarena
6 min readOct 31, 2023


Today is LAUNCH DAY.

Fertile Imagination: A Guide for Stretching Every Mom’s Superpower for Maximum Impact is available on Amazon and ready for you to shop at 10 am EST today! Ladies, there’s a Kindle sale starting NOW for only 99 cents today:

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The book is a call to action for moms to use our voices and our imaginations to make the world a better place. The book is a must-read for any mom who has ever felt like she has lost her ability to dream big for herself. Fertile Imagination is like The Artist Way for entrepreneurial moms. It’s for you if you are buzzing with fresh ideas in your head that their heart has been desperately calling for you to bring out into the world. It’s a reminder that moms are capable of ANYTHING they set their minds to. All moms, including you!

Can you feel how excited I am? 2 years in the making and it’s finally available on Amazon in its kindle format for only 99 cents today only!!!!!!

My debut book is out! Fertile Imagination: A Guide for Stretching Every Mom’s Superpower for Maximum Impact!

It’s a book for moms to guide you on how to use one of the most versatile superpowers we have that of our imagination!

Imagine if each of us decided to use our fertile imagination to come up with a compelling vision of what we would like to see more of in the world?

What do you want to see in the world?

• Do you want to see cleaner communities?

• Do you want to see exuberant kids?

• Do you want to see your company on the Nasdaq?

• Do you want to see your book on a bookshelf?

• Do you want to see your tech invention out in the world?

• Do you want to see generosity spread around the world?

• Do you want to see more Latina podcasters?

• Do you want to see cost effective childcare?

• Do you want to see literacy rates go up?

• Do you want to see a 3:30 minute race time in a marathon?

• Do you want to see better solutions for humans with different abilities?

• Do you want to see more money in your bank?

• Do you want to see real flexible working conditions?

• Do you want to see moms in boardrooms?

• Do you want to see your movie on the screen?

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REALLY think about this. What do you want to see MORE of in this world today? What might you be uniquely passionate enough about that you can actually pull it off if you knew how to use your fertile imagination as a superpower?

What’s my vision? I’d love to see millions of moms using their fertile imagination as a potent superpower to make a maximum impact at home and around the world.

What is a fertile imagination? It can cast a powerful and compelling vision. A vision that will drive you to bring it to reality even if it’s never been imagined as possible for mothers before.

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The book breaks down EXACTLY what you need to rediscover your imagination in three steps.

  • Awaken your imagination
  • Play with your imagination
  • Stretch your imagination

The book features my entrepreneurial + mom of 3 insights along with those of 25 highly imaginative guests. It culminates with the CEO of GivingTuesday Asha Curran as a case study of using a fertile imagination to its max.

Imagine having access to practical insights on how to use your imagination on your bookshelf! Imagine having me helping you tailor these ideas to help you reimagine them for you, a REAL MOM…

Insights in the book are from Suzy Batiz, Beth Comstock, Diane Bell, Lisa Messenger, James Altucher, Martha Hennessey, Phaidra Knight, Gary Vaynerchuk, David Meltzer, Marc Champagne, Breeja Larson, Theo Travers, David Roberts, Ken Honda and others.

My insights came from my 12 years as a mom with an online coaching practice and three sons.

Do you want to know what it took and how to skip some steps as you bring to the world whatever it is that you wish to see more of? Shop the book!

What is this book? It’s for the little girl in your heart who is relying on you not to fall apart nor give up on her dreams. It’s based on researched proven insights and first-hand experiences.

What is this book not? It’s not a parenting book. It’s not a self-parenting book. It’s not just for moms with kids at home. It won’t feel like work either.

This book is for you if you REFUSE to let go of why you existed in the first place before you became a mom….to make a difference, to believe in yourself, and to use all of your inner resources to experience your fullest expression of life on your terms!

It’s for a warrior of a mom…think about it like our rally cry…a decisive call to action to let go of what’s stopping you and re-engage everything you’ve got to drive real change forward.

This book is for you whether you are a working mom, stay-at-home mom, single mom, freelancer mom, corporate mom, opt-out mom, entrepreneur, founder, expat mom, creator, former athlete, twin mom, Latina mom, empty-nester or any mom in between then this book is for you because what you want to see more of in the world MATTERS.

Your vision is on your heart for a very specific reason. Want to find out why? Use the book to uncover this answer. Shop the book for the tools you’ll need to bring your vision to life. The book is on Amazon: It’s only 99 cents today launch day. Consider this YOUR treat! Shop the book.

The book makes for a perfect gift too! You know that being a mom oftentimes feels lonely…grab your Kindle copy and one for a mom friend so that you can connect on the themes discussed in the book. You aren’t alone. FYI, gifting the Kindle version is available in the US and the Kindle format does not require a device.

Let’s shop today the 99 cent Kindle format of Fertile Imagination between 10 am EST and 6pm EST today launch day 10/31…let’s see Fertile Imagination rise up the Amazon ranks. Let’s make this a bestseller so that as many moms see it around the world today. Please help make that million mom vision real today.

My ask is for you to take two steps for moms everywhere today to grab/gift your copy of Fertile Imagination

Step 1:

99 cents sale today only

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