How To Strategically Read Books When You Are Writing One As A Mom Gasping For Air

Melissa Llarena
4 min readJul 15, 2022

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Shopping for a car in this market feels closer to a hostage situation than a car commercial traversing the Autobahn in Germany. One where prisoners are melting from the heat. That was this week. We are settling in Austin and finally have a lease in place and schools decided for my family. That process was clunky back in Australia and here is just the same. It’s honestly no wonder many families stay put. Relocating to another country for an adventure is more of a DIY experience than doing it on the behalf of an employer. We opted for the thrill ride. The re-entry back is as complex. The paperwork, as American citizens, has been like being in a tunnel and having 105 degrees Fahrenheit wind-blown in my face. Thought I’d use that analogy because the current weather in Austin feels this way.

So how did I fare this week on my book-writing journey in light of this context?

As a writer, it’s important to read. If you desire to write a book one day then intentionally reading will be a critical strategy. So this week I’ve shifted my attention to reading more and editing less for the reasons noted above and because my editor faced her own challenges this week. My goal is to keep moving every single day. Some days I can sprint and push out 2,500 words and others I shift gears; my eyes need the screen break too.

When it’s come to how I intentionally read these are the insights that you may find helpful to apply:

· Pick an interesting book that comes recommended and start there

· Pay attention to the way the author transitions between paragraphs

· Highlight the sentences that gobsmack you in the face in a good way

· Think about the chapter names and see which ones are compelling

· Read the names of the editorial team if you REALLY like the writing

The book I’m reading today is The Dreaming Path: Indigenous Thinking To Change Your Life by Paul Callaghan with Uncle Paul Gordon. It was recommended by a podcast guest Joe Williams who taught me about First Nations people and their mental well-being insights that we can all use. Some of the sections include stories that personify elements of nature. Other parts include exercises that are unlike any I have seen in self-help books. The transitions help me vary my own transitions. Sure I can check out the editorial team in this book yet I had already done that to find my editor to date. I did that snooping based on another podcast guest whose book I enjoyed for its creative writing; Jenny Herbert’s The Art of Being a Tourist at Home Expand Your World Without Leaving Your Home Town. Ultimately, when you want to write, you’ll need to read. In my case, I attribute this dynamic duo to helping me quickly push out words.

Are you thinking of writing your own book? What’s your topic? I’d be curious and would invite you to add it in the comments below.

Ultimately, this I know to be true: the book-writing journey will be an adventure. You might feel like I have felt during a car shopping situation sometimes. Heck, you may even look like this tiny bird that I was watching hovering over a car for sale in the lot that was struggling to push through high-speed winds. Yet, having this creative output to look forward to has helped me stay sane and anchored during what could have been an otherwise crazy time.

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