Day 52: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2017 Is Over

Melissa Llarena
4 min readDec 7, 2017

Why wait until the ball drops to start asking yourself thought-provoking questions? Some would say we should begin each day asking ourselves a key question. Others have used this strategy to start their meditation practice. Most would agree that the higher the quality of your question the more valuable any response would be.

My world is multi-dimensional as is everyone else’s and with this in mind here are the questions that I’d invite you and should really push myself to answer before 2017 is over. These questions cover my personal and professional lives.

Try some of these yourself:

  1. How can I be creative about bringing my children to work so that they can witness their mom building a business and being a present parent without anything breaking or anyone getting hurt?

2. Where is the next opportunity when it comes to my flavor of career coaching and on what legs do my core competencies stand so that I can expand my offerings beyond career coaching? Why do I need to call myself a coach anyways when I operate like a business consultant and advisor more often than not?

3. What role can technology play when it comes to offering an easy client experience that is scalable regardless of my precise coaching model be it one-on-one coaching, courses, product suite, etc.? Where should technology not be allowed to play a role in the way I guide clients?

4. Who has entered my life in 2017 that I should keep and who should I ask to “scooch over”…as my sons would say? What did I learn about myself from being in a relationship with those bad apples? What red flags should I now add to avoid suboptimal relationships? Should I avoid them or keep learning about myself because of them?

5. What’s going on with my relationships…what needs to happen so that the question next year becomes how can I make my business relationships as good as my personal relationships?

6. What can I control when it comes to my revenue forecasts? How can I put myself in a position to win even when I’m not awake and proactively making sales calls?

7. How can I help my sons get along without adult intervention even when everyone is exhausted? What can I add or take out of my home as to create an environment where there is collaboration?

8. What new opportunities to learn can I expose my sons to so that they have the opportunity to explore a broader range of their interests? How can I do this in a way that doesn’t limit their interests to the ones I have brainstormed? Who can I ask for creative guidance in 2018?

9. What role does faith have in my home when going to church has become more of a routine than a real spiritual practice? Does going to church need to touch the spirit? Are the benefits of a family routine enough to make going to church important even if we hear nothing that the priest says?

10. How would I describe an extraordinary life now after interviewing three extraordinary people on my podcast An Interview with Melissa Llarena. Where did my original definition fall short and where did it accurately portray the underlying theme of a well-lived life?

Gary or #AirportGary,

You inspired me during episode 260 of the James Altucher Show to launch my podcast- An Interview with Melissa Llarena. My plan is to interview talented people who figured out how to build untraditional careers of substance. My guests would have had the guts to say NO to traditional options, brains to make sometimes wacky interests profitable, and creativity to pull it all off.

Please join me for episode 3 for five minutes.

We can discuss any of these questions:

  • How should we think about using our personalities to build our personal brands?
  • What are some ways we can go about shaping the media’s perception of ourselves, our brands as entrepreneurs?
  • Any signs you acknowledge that let you know when you need a break from hustling otherwise isn’t it a diminishing returns game?
  • What’s your thinking? Make your kids hustle their way up in life? Or help them out?
  • Instagram is having its day? What’s next? AI/Chatbots?

I’d be delighted to make a quick interview work according to your schedule. I sent a note on Dec. 4th with logistically details…my next step is reach out to your assistant because I respect your time and commitments.



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