Day 50: Let’s Commemorate, Celebrate, and Regurgitate

My original intent was to document my podcast journey. Yet, what I got is so much more. A headache, that’s part of what I got and then I got more clear on a few matters that I hadn’t considered, articulated, nor shared with others.

It was on Day 4 that I decided to write out my belief system. As I was brainstorming the best podcast names I had to contend with “what was I all about”? It’s ridiculous that it’s taken me so long to think about this yet I don’t feel like I’m alone.

When it comes to digging deep to find your core it is not a fun process if you’ve experienced eating some rotten apples in life.

I hadn’t articulated my target audience.

On Day 15, I discovered that the listeners and audience that I want to empower are people who are not only seeking money and power for themselves but because someone else is watching them. This is such a nuanced way for me to cherry-pick who I get to work with. It’s my short-hand for whether I help a multi-dimensional professional who wants to leave his or her legacy of touching lives or not. This closely aligns with my personal motivation for helping others through inspiration, direct guidance, or by connecting them. We are in the holiday season. It’s a Wonderful Life will be airing on Christmas Eve. The point of that movie is to show that we matter. What we do, decide, ignore, pursue — all of it influences those around us. My intention to guide those who want to matter to others was set on Day 15.

It took 29 days of writing for me to start to not give a f*ck as a business owner. Harsh? Perhaps? Yet, it points to the fact that we need to bring our ethics, personality, and make subjective judgment calls to the workplace more often even if it means turning down high priced-tag deals. It wouldn’t feel good and I wouldn’t do the best work in coaching a client if I secretly hated his target employer. Chances are I won’t jump into the relationship all-in because there would be someone left out — my heart.

Then there was the day I wrote about who calls the shots when it comes to being validated. This came up for me during Day 40. As I pieced together who I wanted to interview, my mind drifted into thinking about big wigs who were all over the media or doing media worthy things. Last I noticed the media didn’t do such a good job of validating the right presidential candidate so let’s rethink how great an indicator the media is of whether someone or something is valid.

Oh and then on Day 43 I flipped the script from thinking about my podcast to thinking about my brand of motherhood and whether it fits. What I noticed about myself was:

It’s always been very difficult for me to strike a balance between an ambitious pursuit and nurturing my relationships.

As writing for several days, I felt then as if I’m pivoting and writing about my personal entrepreneurial journey rather than here’s me building a channel journey.

However, I see the link between my podcast strategy and my personal exploration efforts and it is this: by knowing what’s in my heart, I can ask better questions to touch what is in the heart of others. I noticed a mention of asking heart-centric questions from Cal Fussman when he interviewed Mikhail Gorbachev. It’s important to answer your own questions sometimes because it build empathy.

Side note: Cal Fussman, can I eat your scraps because you are doing exactly the work that I would want to do…get everyone to ask better questions so that they get more out of themselves and others. Cal Fussman — here are sample questions.

Fast forward to today, Day 50 where will I take my daily writing? I may meander because that is just how my mind works — somedays I’m feeling emotional, focused/intense, insecure, etc. My plan is to be authentic in what I discuss even if it feels awkward, off-brand, or like a Gary Vaynerchuk rant.

Happy Day, players….keep chugging along in this game we call life. I encourage you to start documenting your days…our minds could use the exercise too.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary or #AirportGary,

You inspired me during episode 260 of the James Altucher Show to launch my podcast- An Interview with Melissa Llarena. My plan is to interview talented people who figured out how to build untraditional careers of substance. My guests would have had the guts to say NO to traditional options, brains to make sometimes wacky interests profitable, and creativity to pull it all off.

Please join me for episode 3 for five minutes.

We can discuss any of these questions:

  • How should we think about using our personalities to build our personal brands?
  • What are some ways we can go about shaping the media’s perception of ourselves, our brands as entrepreneurs?
  • Any signs you acknowledge that let you know when you need a break from hustling otherwise isn’t it a diminishing returns game?
  • What’s your thinking? Make your kids hustle their way up in life? Or help them out?
  • Instagram is having its day? What’s next? AI/Chatbots?

It feels like a marriage proposal…however truly, I’d be delighted to make a quick interview work according to your schedule. I sent a note on Dec. 4th with logistically details…my next step is reach out to your assistant because I respect your time and commitments.

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