Day 47: How I’m Preparing to Interview Jonathan Arons for My Podcast

  1. In the book, The Artist’s Way, its author says that the only difference between an artist on a stage and a shadow artist who never really pursues her art is “audacity.” What’s your take on this?
  2. What were your goals back when you were at the Oberlin Observatory? Ever think you’d be charting your own path in music?
  3. Who are living mentors in any field?
  4. Your mom is a preschool educator and your dad worked on the Apollo shuttle. When and how did the trombone become your thing?
  5. Who do you consider your contemporaries?
  6. When you perform are you trying to be funny?
  7. Tell me about your thoughts on media perception. Can we be manipulated? Are we being manipulated? How are other artists being scripted/miscatogorized?
  8. Tell me about how you got to America’s Got Talent.
  9. Describe what it felt like to be voted off?
  10. Any starstruck moments?
  11. Any let downs…. in terms of thinking a star would be awesome and they were a dud?
  12. How does your dad explain to his friends in academia what you do?
  13. Tell me about your book. What did you learn about yourself as you’ve been writing the book? What did you wish you never learned about yourself as you went to your book writing process? Why 9 years?
  14. What’s your take on the starving or anguished artist?
  15. Job Interview Question: What’s your take on people who use their power to act unethically? But first, what’s your personal take on power?

Gary Vaynerchuk, #GaryVeeandJamesIStarted, join me for Episode 3. All I need is #5minutes.

James Altucher, #GaryVeeandJamesIStarted, join me for Episode 4. All I need is #5minutes.

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