Day 37: Get the Crowd First (Then Sell)

Melissa Llarena
3 min readNov 25, 2017


As I think about where to take my podcast An Interview with Melissa Llarena, I decided to listen to Cal Fussman’s Tim Ferriss interview.

Cal recently launched his podcast, “Big Questions” and his first guest was Tim.

At first I was a skeptic, it felt as though I was listening two highly qualified men explain how they knew one another and disclose some of their “who’s who” sort of friends and professional acquaintances.

I was thinking to myself what value could I extract from a conversation between two men who appear to be from completely different worlds than myself.

In full transparency, I haven’t done a complete background check on either Tim nor Cal. Instead, that was my initial gut instinct as I listened in to the episode’s first few minutes.

Thus, take this article with a grain of salt from me, Mel.

So here we go, what did I distill from this chat between two gentlemen:

  1. Teaching and selling differ — I’d like to think of myself as an excellent teacher of the art of interviewing…selling is a different ballgame…I totally agree
  2. Find the crowd and then sell the offering — Tim found the potential customers for a sports nutrition solution, makes me think perhaps I should find the crowd for my next product before I draft its content — this would be a new way of working for me
  3. Your birth story could affect your entire life — well my birth story was that I was pulled out with clamps thus giving me a dent in my skull…can’t extrapolate anything there since this dent is hidden and hasn’t change my life outlook at all
  4. Cal taught Tim how to ask better questions — I visited Cal’s website because here I am knowing in my heart that asking questions is my core skill and so now I want to learn from Cal — that’s it nothing more insightful to share YET
  5. Pay attention to the ads that sell you — Tim would collect ads that compelled him and garnered insights from his collection to his benefit
  6. Some goods things can happen at 3 am — Tim learned from infomercials so see mom something good can happen at night
  7. Podcasts are a great way to get your thoughts out there — Cal and Tim were swapping ideas, I want to hear others swap more ideas perhaps us Latinas — this gives me something to explore
  8. Tim didn’t enjoy writing — yes, neither do I! Woo hoo yet I’m going to keep writing until I reach my 100 day challenge here on Medium
  9. Cal is ahead of the game that I would love to play — Cal is known for his curiosity and gift of asking smart questions…Cal I want to learn from you
  10. Zip Recruiter is the smartest way to hire — nothing like having ads on your first podcast episode — now that’s a smart way to monetize a podcast — if Quidad is interested I’d be game to be their curly-haired audio queen

In conclusion, my weekend Medium articles are the toughest to write as part of my 100 day challenge. My six-year old wants to play now that my twin sons are asleep and so off I go to play with my little Batman.

Gary Vaynerchuk — #GaryVeeandJamesIStarted

James Altucher — #GaryVeeandJamesIStarted

I’m #documenting my podcast journey and now recent quest to have Gary on episode #3 and James on episode #4.

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