Catch me on An Interview With Melissa Llarena my podcast featuring creative, courageous, and curious humans whose journey can inspire your own. Guests include: GaryVee, Suzy Batiz, Beth Comstock, Gabriele Corcos, David Meltzer and others. Writer who writes every day on Instagram @careeroutcomesmatter as to not feel like a clogged toilet. Coach who focuses on helping marketers and creative professionals re-build their confidence after years of being beaten up in corporate. Often we focus on finding better roles and other times on how to reimagine your definition of success. Yes, I've attended fancy schools but my NY sensibilities inform my tough-love approach to helping mid-career professionals feel back in control of their careers (and lives).


Melissa Llarena

I coach executives on how to dissect & deliver a perfect #jobinterview @TuckSchool Author of №1 #HR interview @Forbes @LinkedIn #mom